ACOMAF Discussion/Signing

(Originally posted on my tumblr)

I almost didn’t go. I’m a nervous driver and people are asshole drivers around here. But I sucked it up and went because author signings rarely ever come to my area and this might be my only chance to meet SJ Maas

I’ve never been to a signing before and I was pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie I felt with the other people there. Bookworms are special people

They gave us a sample page out of the upcoming Throne of Glass coloring book

Some tidbits from the discussion:

– She told us about finding out about ACOMAF making the number one on the NYT bestsellers list and how she was sobbing and shaking and how her mom didn’t pick up when she called to tell her

– She told us about an awkward interaction she had with a fan in her hometown farmer’s market. She said she was not dressed up at all and hadn’t showered in a couple of days and then someone came up to her and said that they loved her books and she turned to the person and said “I’m so sorry I look like this”

– She told us how she likes the gruesome fairytales like Hansel and Gretel (which was what the scene with the Weaver in ACOMAF was based on) and her Patronus would be a velociraptor or something that would kill you without caring. She wondered what that said about her

– She says she is constantly getting tweeted about “whose wingspan is the biggest”

– She is also constantly getting tweeted at about “chapter 54″ and she had to look it up to remember what happened in that chapter

– She talked about how music is such a big part of her writing process and how she will listen to songs on repeat because they will invoke images in her head (which is actually very similar to my writing process)

– People think her favorite scenes to write are the smut (lol) but she says she really love writing the “payoff” scenes, such as when Manon and Aelin’s storylines finally intertwined. She said she was bouncing out of her seat with excitement as she was writing that.

– She said she didn’t realize Feyre was an artist at first until she noticed how Feyre saw things in color and texture

– Her publisher wanted her to change Chaol’s name but she was stubborn about it and she apologized for it because “that’s what you get when you have a sixteen year old coming up with names.” (He was supposed to be named “Chaos” but that was too obvious and cheesy so she was like “I’ll just change the ‘s’ to and ‘l.’ And that’s the difference between a 16 year old and a 30 year old writer.”)

– Her favorite Disney princess is Mulan and when she watched it again recently she sobbed over the part where everyone bowed to her and what Mulan’s dad said to her at the end

– When she had the discussion with Xtinemay, she was sorted as a Hufflepuff and that was a shock because she always thought she was a Gryffindor but now she is a proud Puff

I got a little emotional when it was my turn to get my book signed. Like here is the author in front of me, signing my book for me. Also I am a huge sap so of course I got teary when I told her that her books meant a lot to me. And she hugged me!

She also had one of the first copies of Throne of Glass with the original cover to it that she has fans sign for her. I thought that was really cool – she signed our books and we got to sign hers

It was a great experience and I’m so so glad I didn’t back out of it. Hopefully I’ll get to go to more signings in the future 🙂


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